Thursday, April 29, 2010

The Crazy 20s

When you are a teenager in Michigan you look forward to that day when you turn 19 and are able to cross the Canadian border via the Ambassador Bridge and are given adult status. We've all done it; we rent a hotel for the night and hit the town acting as if we are truly legal. However, the looming 20s aren't far off. When you turn 20 it is merely a tease until you are final given that freedom that you once felt in Windsor, Canada. You may have a fake ID, go out with your friends in college, however there is no better feeling than at 12:01 AM on your 21st birthday and you are given complete freedom.

The college years fly by and you find yourself where I am today, married, 23, working full and finally experiencing life. I have a house to take care of, obligations to fulfill and bills to pay. Life begins all over again and with this comes a great time in life. It is a new beginning, an era I am going to call The Crazy 20s.